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    Nikki, blogger, bariatricfoodie.com
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Create a beautiful one stop shop for your recommended items

Very easy to organize and create a "Remommendation Store" on your blog. Customize it to match the style of your blog. Add links to relevant blog posts. Users can easily search and shop

Add visual links in images and show items in context

Very easily add visual links to your images e.g. if you are a fashion blogger, you can point out each item of clothing and accessory and make them available for purchase directly from the image

Automatically insert links to your recommended item in your blog's text

We can also automatically link keywords in your blog posts to the items you recommend thereby making their discover super-easy and in context. You can even block certain posts from being linked and customize the experience to your taste.

Use analytics to understand your reader and increase your income

We provide you with all the data you need to understand reader's buying habits. You'll be able to recognize your popular posts and use the information to maximize your affiliate income

Automatically affiliate the products or use your own links

We use Viglinks to automatically affiliate your products or you can use your own!. We pass 100% of affiliate income to you. Oh and if you are an amazon affiliate, give us your ID and we will automatically add your affiliate links


What can make it even easier to find your recommended things - a Facebook store! Recomonk makes it super-easy to add a store to your Facebook page. Can it get any better ?

How does Recomonk work?


    your favorite products to your Recomonk 'store'


    of Recomonk widget and start earning rewards


    in your blog to showcase the recommended products

For a long time my blog had a BIG problem. I had lots of product recommendations buried in posts that nobody ever saw. I also had my own products that i wanted to promote, but i didn't want my readers to have to use complicated navigation to get to them.

And along came Recomonk!

It allows me to easily created a web store that features my recommended products and my own products in one easy-to-use plateform. The code was easy to install on my blog and the features even make it easy for me to comply with the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) rules of product disclosure for bloggers.

As a blogger and businessperson, Recomonk makes my life much easier.

- Nikki, blogger (bariatricfoodie.com)


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